You Can’t Be A One Man Team

In today’s music business it is virtually impossible to manage everything that needs to be managed alone. This doesn’t even address comprehension.

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There is an amazing amount of data available everywhere. Just in your social media network, there is all the data that you need in order to understand how to create a meaningful impact.

Everyone is worried about ownership and not wanting to share any of their revenue. Good luck with that, shared revenue is the basis for our entire industry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should pay for play or use any of these shady services that are out there trying to milk all of the struggling artists for what little they have. In fact just the opposite: The only way to manage the entire property that is your career is to surround yourself with the right people. Professionals.

I get it. Your buddy / manager has been with you since the beginning. Two things about that: First, if your buddy is truly about your success, he should be willing to take a lesser role in order to learn how to properly do the job. Most of the people that I’ve worked with at labels, management companies, production companies etc. all started as someone’s intern or assistant, even if they came through the door with an artist in a different role. Second, if
your team really has your best interest in mind, they will find a way to include those that you trust. It’s never a good relationship when an artist feels isolated from his inner circle, or worse, doesn’t have one.

I cannot stress enough the importance of teaming up with professionals that have dedicated every waking hour of their lives to get where they are and be a part of this industry. They come in all forms and offer all sorts of great services. They’re not free, but I’ve got gold and platinum that says they are definitely worth it. Your old people have to trust your new people. This can be a delicate balance, & it’s important for everyone to recognize where they’d be better served by choosing the professionals. If your people are smart, and get involved where they’re needed most, they may be the next person that guys like me go out and hire.