When Your Hit Isn’t A Hit

pexels-photo-66757I get music submissions every day, anything from new music from unknown artists’ & tons of submissions for specific licensing opportunities. There’s one line that really tells me how much you don’t understand this business. “My new hit single”. I hate this line! It makes me not even want to listen. First, it’s new, so you have no idea if it’s a hit. Second, there is so much that goes into picking a single let alone creating a ‘complete’ album, that this line carries no weight & comes off as unprofessional.

Here’s how I imagine it going (based on past experiences). You go into the studio and record 14 tracks. You call that an album and that’s your first mistake but I’ll get to that later. Then you pick your favorite track and call it a ‘Hit Single’ or ‘Summer Smash Hit’ or some other ridiculous cliché’. None of this is your fault. You’re not working with professionals yet, but you should be.

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Here’s how it goes in reality. You start recording songs. You finish a solid chunk of songs and begin feeding them to your team. Your team will take your music and test, poke, prod, panel and so on. You might record 50 songs before you have an album that is the best representation of you. It’s not about flooding the market with a million records of you. I’ve worked with a very well known Grammy winning Rapper that on average, records about 75 songs only to find the 14 ­ 18 tracks that will make his record a complete, superior product.

There’s no one formula for how to pick a single, but there is a visible gauge of whether it is a hit, smash or whatever you’d like to call it. But if your marketing consists of you spamming people on Facebook, Twitter, and email, then it’s probably not going to be a hit. Get a team together and let them help to guide your career.