The Work IS The Reward

I’ve been blessed that I am able to work with great people and amazing artists. All of them, are known for their commitment and dedication to bringing great music to fans. But for those that are working their way in or trying to understand it, I can simplify it. When you get your opportunity, show, deal, job whatever the opportunity, is when it’s time to double down on the work that got you there. 8114399667_51eb1ec42e_o

This is one of the common music industry misconceptions. The myth is that your favorite artist is everywhere all the time, taking every advantage of their celebrity to ‘get on’. This could not be more false. What separates every artist I’ve seen that achieved success in the music business is that they consistently worked their ass off, constantly improving their music & business.

Every door that opened for them meant they had to work that much harder to stay valuable & relevant. The higher they climbed, tStudio Side1he more organized their business became. Starting small with a friend or producer, growing to a full team with management, accountants, agents and more. You can celebrate later but if you really want to be taken seriously by the people that have sacrificed to get to where they are, you should take yourself seriously.

In the end, consider for a minute what you actually want. You want to be a musician to make a living for yourself & your family. When you do something for a living it is also referred to as your job. This makes your persona or product your business. You have to accept that the music business is not one big party that no one will let you into. It’s an amazing community of hard­working, dedicated individuals that operate in teams.

It’s all collaboration & dedication.

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