The $50 record deal scam

I absolutely hate all of the scams and misconceptions out there about the music industry.  The one that I see the most is the pay to submit your music to a label. To what end?  Anyone could “send” music to a major label email address that they found on the Internet.   The fact is that when you are introduced to the label, it should happen through someone that is passionate about you and your potential.  It should also be someone with relationships and with the ability to build effective relationships.

Depending on the services you are looking for the promised results should seem realistic.  Someone that says they are going to get you a record deal for a $50 submission fee.  At the same time, the idea that you are going to “buy” social media fans is just as unrealistic.

You don’t need a lot of followers.  You need fans.  Fans are engaged.  They comment on almost every picture, they re-tweet every tweet, they engage in supporting the artists.  To that end you don’t need to buy followers, you need to buy strategy.  This is the same with virtually any other service that you might need to hire to improve or develop your career.

Sometimes you need to check a few references or at the very least do a basic search to see what people are saying about working with them.  But mostly, you just need to have realistic expectations.  And when you receive advice, take the time to comprehend it.  Far too often I will see people calculating their responses while I am still giving them advice.

You’re probably not as special as you think you are.  If you were you wouldn’t be talking to me, or any of my contemporaries.  If you were as unique and special as you think you are then you would have gone viral organically.  Besides, this exposes just how much you don’t understand what you’re up against.

The real misconception is that knowing the right person means your “on”.  See, you believe the gatekeepers terminology assigned to the labels but to be totally honest, they are almost the last ones with a say.  You have to reach a fan base and establish the business of your brand.  So by definition, fans are the gatekeepers.  The idea that someone gains form expending time and effort from not letting you in is arrogant and ignorant.

From my personal experience, the fans are the gatekeepers and you serve the songs.  Meaning that you need to create the right song for the artist that you are working with that the fans, the gatekeepers will let you into the club of social engagement.  From there you must continue to grow, and push yourself to get better at every step.