Spending your way in vs. paying your way in

You cannot pay your way to relevance.  There are so many folks on the Internet these days claiming to be A&R Consultants, Label Reps and more and they all want the same thing, your money.  I’m sure there are some legit ones out there but not asking for your money and guaranteeing a label showcase.

Anyone with a couple relationships could theoretically do that.  Just put together a ‘showcase’ at a local dive bar and invite your friend from the label, or that used to work at a label.  This shit is a scam.  I have showcased many bands for labels and it is clear that it is a showcase and for which label every time.

There are a ton of great folks in this business that has sacrificed and worked their way to legitimate relationships and success.  Most of them aren’t out there casting a wide net to capture all the little consulting dollars.  We understand that it only helps us if there is a bonafide opportunity to help the act be successful.  We get zero points or recoup from acts that don’t succeed.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t pay a professional if they want to charge you a consultation fee for a comprehensive analysis and recommendations or production and development services.  Rather than looking for a cheap buy in spend that money with a real service provider, social media expert, public relations, or better production.

The fact is, either way, you will need to spend some money if you want to make any progress.  And there are no short cuts.  I often say, the most overnight success story that heard in the music business actually involved 18 months of negotiations and work.  Let alone the managers, lawyers, and other professionals that it took to actually get it done.

From the industry perspective, we have to make it easier to verify the legitimate folks out there.  I was contacted and asked for money to submit music to Warner Music by a guy claiming to work at Warner Music (on his linked in and other social profiles and in the email) while I was working at Warner Music.  I just wanted to know if he really worked for the label and even that took me almost 10 days to verify what I already knew, the guy was full of it.

There are no short cuts.  Build an organic, engaged fan base and grow it.