Songwriting & Ghostwriters

I hear all the time from aspiring artists, “I write all my own stuff”. That’s good that you write and that you write the majority of your own stuff, but it’s not as easy as you think to write a truly great song.

When I ask artists why they think there are so many songwriters attached to their favorite commercial hit record, they always assume it’s ‘the labels co-writingfu*@ing the artists’. That could not be farther from the truth. Music is by nature collaborative. While an individual can write or compose a song, most of those songs require several people to effectively execute that idea.

A great song is much more than simply bringing session musicians into one room and finding a vocalist to sing the lyrics. It’s collaborative all the way through. I’ve met legendary songwriters that have written hits in multiple genres, and almost every one of their stories has a common thread: A writing partner!

co-writing2In Hip-Hop, this is a contentious issue but most fail to understand the oxymoronic nature of what they are asking for. Take Hip-Hop seriously, but don’t apply the standards of the rest of the industry to Hip-Hop. Get over yourself. Hip-Hop is beautiful,  & it has taken on a life of its own in the industry. Many of the founders, creators, & veterans are freaking out with absurd double standards. Hip-Hop is an art just like every other genre of music. It’s supposed to be about the people but we don’t want to let quality people in. What about the dope producer and writer that’s not going to be, or doesn’t want to be a star?  We have to accept that it’s a virtually impossible challenge for one person to constantly write hits. At the same time, we as a community need to stop judging any artist, rapper, singer, or whoever for having collaborators, co-writers or even writers.

Isn’t it about great songs from the talented people that we are “fans” of. Co­produce, collaborate, & have fun!