Separate Perception From Reality, Expectations

Whenever our team is assessing new talent to collaborate with, we always have to consider the unique intangible of how much work it’s going to take to separate perception from reality. Everybody thinks that if they had the ball in the final seconds of the game that they will arise to the occasion, but very few do. That’s why those that do become legends.

Studio Side4In the music business misconceptions are everywhere. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers here, but everyone isn’t living in a mansion, driving a Maserati, and making buckets of money. But the professionals and those that are willing to see it through are doing okay and that’s just fine by them. Like most industries, there are a lot of details and detail-oriented people within every facet. Every task is cause for several businesses that provide those services.

Over the course of my career, there is a common thread of really good people collaborating to do great work. Everyone in the “supply chain” of getting a piece of music in a Television Show or Film is a dedicated professional and all of them Studio Side3are extremely successful in their own right. After all, they’re working in entertainment helping fans discover amazing new content. The time spent offers them a unique skillset in pairing the perfect soundtrack with the perfect edit of a visual presentation.

I often find that artists seem to think these people should be ‘working for them’. In reality, to find success as an artist you need to become one of these people. They punch the clock every day and execute their jobs with fierce passion and an amazing attention to detail. They can do this at the high level that they are at because they studied, learned from others, and practiced relentlessly. The more they committed, the more success they saw, and the more opportunities for success they will continue to see. You should view yourself as a pier, a collaborator, and strive to be an asset to your team. Employ a strong work ethic and master your craft one day at a time.

Despite what you’ve heard, success never happens overnight. For me, it’s all about the people and collaborations that make this industry exciting.