Getting Discovered

I’ve been in the music business for almost 30 years now and one of the terms that I’ve come to despise, ‘getting discovered’.

I’ve never met an artist that was miraculously discovered. When you peel back the layers of their story you come to understand that they were doing the work. When you put your head down and just do the work you make incremental progress. When you make continued progress in small steps your circle grows and as your circle grows the more peoples radar you get on.

I’m not saying act without intention, in fact, just the opposite. From your city, plot your path to start regionally. Get out and network with other aspiring artists, trade some shows, support each other. You have to build an organic, authentic identity and that can only be done with the help of actual fans of your genre and style of music. If you have not identified your fans yet then this does not yet apply to you.

If you have a small fan base or local support then you have to go hard from there. Don’t put your blinders on and think you know what they want, they will tell you what works for you and what doesn’t by their reaction. Additionally, be realistic! Fans respond to authenticity. Everyone wants to be the next big brand, company or label. But you’re not even a ‘professional’ recording artist yet. If you can’t fund your own career then how are you a big company or brand?

Stay focused. In today’s music business you must generate engagement. That means fans engaging with you through comments, likes, AND shares. not you tagging millions of people in your posts. There are several methods that are effective but I recommend getting face to face with actual fans of YOUR music and grow that audience. It can feel like forever but if you are a savvy hustler you will learn how to monetize that small fan base and scale the whole thing. They feed each other and both are tremendously necessary.

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