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You need a PRO

If you create music, you need a performing rights organization.  In the United States, the two PRO’s are ASCAP and BMI. A performance rights organization (PRO), also known as a performing rights society, provides intermediary functions, particularly collection of royalties, between copyright holders and parties who wish to use copyrighted works publicly in locations such …

You’re not Taylor Swift

I’ve spent something like 30 years in and around the music business now. I love it more today than I did when I started. There is so much happening. Technology is simultaneously creating both opportunities and havoc. But it’s always been like that, maybe just not ever as dramatic, but it’s been like that as …

You don’t get ‘Put On’

I hear the term, “Put me on” a lot. This is a ridiculous notion. Just take a moment to think about your favorite major artist. They worked their way in and then worked their way up, and if you really pay attention you would see that they work to stay “on”. Along each of their …

Artist Development is no Longer a Linear Process

I work with all sorts of acts, managers, producers, parents, and artists and they all have different challenges.  However, almost everyone that comes to us is ill-prepared for one major fact.  You have to be patient and work diligently to allow a record or campaign to get its legs.  Everyone sees “virality’ as something you …

Genre Agnostic

I am genre agnostic. I don’t care what the genre, a great song is a great song, and that’s what I’m looking for. I think the best songs often come out of collaboration. Artist, writer collaboration, multiple writers, writer and producer combo, for me it’s all about collaboration. Take what you know, feel, and want to …

The Music Rights Gold Rush

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that over the last few years it has become increasingly important for “indie” distributors to lock up your publishing rights.  Most people just blindly opt-in and never ask any questions about it.  It’s all you’ve got! Listen, a dream of most musicians is to score a song that catches fire …

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